eden hill

Snow Storm 2019

Because the Puget Sound is covered in a beautiful blanket of snow, we’ve elected to remain open but offer a limited menu tonight — Saturday, February 9 — and for the remainder of the snow storm.

Eden Hill was started as a neighborhood restaurant. Over the years we’ve adjusted what we offer to meet the demands of our community, which turned into a finer dining experience than we’d originally shot for. But today our community needs a warm restaurant they can bring anyone to and a restaurant that’s simpler to run.

Because we are short-staffed, we are unable to offer our tasting menus tonight. We’ll adjust our a la carte menu accordingly to provide hearty dishes. It’s our goal to provide the same level of service, attention to detail, and pride in our work as we always do. However, we’re doing our best given the circumstances. Please find a version of our menu below, which may still develop over the course of the afternoon.

country roll, whipped butter, poached citrus, pickled foie gras, sea salt 8
red shrimp cheddar biscuits,
whipped carabineros butter, napa cabbage kimchi 12
waldorf salad,
dehydrated grape, apple, bleu cheese, celery, walnut verjus vinaigrette 14
cured rare beef,
salad of celeriac, apple and black truffle, espelette, nasturtium 18
cauliflower “chilaquiles,”
manchego, lime crema, jalapeno honey hot sauce, curtido 14
butter roasted black cod
saffron jus, vanilla coconut, savoy cabbage 17
crispy octopus,
wild peas of Umbria, spiced tomato, spinach, chili oil, herb salad 26
snowpocalypse cheeseburger,
dijonnaise, red onion, dill pickle, toasted sesame bun 14
pig head candybar,
pear and prosecco soup, pickled red wine cabbage, serrano pepper 16
oxtail risotto,
crispy duck confit, spiced orange, grana padano, sherry caramel 29
hanger steak,
roasted carrot, carrot puree, cambozola, balsamic demi glace 24

If you’re in the neighborhood or able to get to us, please join us with empty stomachs and bottomless patience!

Summer of Fun

Seattle hasn't caught up yet (hello! It's mid-May -- where are you sun?!) but we're gearing up for a summer of fun at Eden Hill. We hope you see some of your familiar faces out at some of these events we're doing!

PlaceInvaders, June 9 - 11, 2017
Max is honored to be invited to guest chef for PlaceInvaders, an NYC-based company hosting pop-up restaurants in interesting (and secret!) spaces around the United States. In early June they're coming to Queen Anne and Max may have already started his brisket brining.... Tickets available for dinner and brunch here.

Rooster & the Till Guest Chef, June 25, 2017
Just weeks later we'll be hopping on a plane to Tampa Bay, Fla for Max's guest chef night at Rooster & the Till! We met chef and co-owner Ferrell Alvarez at the bar ... at Eden Hill ('cause we never leave) and he invited Max to collaborate on a dinner; part of his summer-long Dinner Series. Chef Alvarez, a 2017 James Beard Foundation Best Chef: South semifinalist, sounds like another chef I know: unpretentious but current, local but uncompromising, warm and inviting. Tickets are available here, and if you're coming all the way to Florida to eat Max's food we should definitely meet up once the dinner is over.

Taste of Waldorf, July 10-14, 2017
Not open to the public, sadly, but Max's journey with the Taste of Waldorf Astoria will conclude this summer when he presents his dishes and cocktails at the FINAL competition in mid-July. (As a reminder, Max was invited with other James Beard Rising Star Chef semifinalists to collaborate with Waldorf Astoria executive chefs on a dish and cocktail to develop the next great dish. Waldorf Astoria chefs developed the Waldorf Salad and Red Velvet Cake, ever heard of it?) If he wins, Max's dishes will be on menus of all Waldorf Astoria properties in the world. What?! Send good vibes his way!

International Pinot Noir Celebration, July 28-30, 2017
Love Oregon wine? How about Pinot Noir? Meet us at the International Pinot Noir Celebration in Linfield College in McMinnville, Ore. Max will be cooking a winery lunch at a secret (to guests) winery. If you've never been before, consider celebrating Oregon wine during one of the most beautiful times of the year! Tickets available here

Styled Wedding Shoot

Eden Hill served as the backdrop for a beautiful styled wedding shoot from some AMAZING wedding professionals. Take a look at their creations!



Photography | Rachel Birkhofer Photography
Venue | Eden Hill Restaurant
Floral and Styling | Grace & Blooms
Cake | baked
Calligraphy | Sarah B Calligraphy
Gown | Belltown Bride

Some of our favorite notes

We get special notes from customers all the time. It's so rewarding for us to know we've created the experience they're looking for!

Our server was great, the food was amazing and it was a pleasure to be back to your restaurant. You are doing an excellent job! May God bless your business and you family!
— Janeth
What an experience! Planned a girl’s night last Saturday and everything was over the top fabulous. This will definitely be a place I’d like to bring ‘out of towners,’ and I’ve already been spreading the word at work. Thank you for a wonderful evening!
— Anonymous
I have been twice and both visits were memorable. I appreciated the great wine pairing that I had this last visit. Chef Max, your table visits were so fun - thanks for making us feel special. Our service was impeccable.
— Kathryn


Inspiration strikes Chef Max in the most interesting ways.

Several years ago Max and I went to Zilker Park's Trail of Lights, a Christmas lights display in an Austin public park. It's a free event, open to the public, and a festive way to celebrate the season in a climate that barely dips below 40 degrees. As we walked through the light display, I grabbed a bag of kettlecorn to munch on. Max has never been much of a popcorn eater, so I got to enjoy the majority of the bag myself!

The next day he calls in the middle of the day to tell me his brilliant idea -- kettlecorn brussel sprouts. As he described the dish, ("fried brussel sprouts tossed in this caramel sauce, so it'll be salty and sweet...") so many thoughts went through my head. First, weird. Caramel and brussel sprouts? I don't know about that. Second, where in the world did you come up with this? As soon as he mentioned "kettlecorn" it clicked - from my snack! My enthusiasm didn't translate, as he's never called again to describe a dish he's developed. That very night, kettlecorn brussel sprouts went on the menu of the restaurant where he was chef. 

kettlecorn brussel sprouts

"I sold at least 1,000 orders of brussel sprouts. At least. It's all people wanted." Kettlecorn brussel sprouts made their menu debut at Eden Hill last week and have since been a hit. "I don't think we've had a bowl come back to the dish pit that's anything but empty," Chef Max says.

For the truly creative, anything can be inspiration. Max has found menu items in my attempt to make him orange chicken at home (for those wondering, it was really messy and didn't work out very well), from McDonald's chicken nuggets dipped in sweet and sour sauce, and the best part of baking a cake - licking the spatula. For those who've spent any length of time with him, his mind is constantly on overdrive. What can I do with this? How can I make this better? Has anyone ever tried this? It's the mind of a chef.

Snowdrift Cider!

With the temperature dropping and the leaves changing color, nothing feels more timely than hard cider.

We've been selling Snowdrift Cider since the day we opened and decided to take the team out to East Wenatchee to learn more about the cidery.

Meet Tim, part of the Snowdrift Cider operations. Working with his father-in-law Peter, Tim works full-time with the cidery doing just about everything -- from picking apples and experimenting with blends to shipping and distributing.

Tim greeted us with six Snowdrift ciders to try, from the seasonal varieties like Orchard Select and Cliffbanks blend, to barrel-aged dry cider and an interesting red.

In addition to offering cider for sale in the tasting room, we got to peruse the variety of awards Snowdrift has collected since they started releasing cider in 2009. 

We also got a tour of the shop's tanks, where half of the cider is stored. Tim shared with us just a sample of the 40 varieties of apples Snowdrift grows, all of which have different sugar, acid, and tannin levels.


Peter took us for a tour of the 50 acre orchard and taught us how they graft apple trees. When you plant an apple seed, you have no idea what variety you'll get! But it's easy to change it what you want it to be, as you chop all the limbs off the tree and attach new limbs of the variety you want. The process takes about three years to start producing fruit, but allows the farmer lots of control.

Snowdrift also has a variety of crab apples unique to their orchard, which are about the size of cherries! 

We also got a tour of the processing facility, where Snowdrift presses the apples, keeps the tanks, and stores the kegs.

Tim showed us the method champenoise ciders, which are stored vertically for three weeks to let the sediment collect before refrigerated for a year. 

Snowdrift uses these tanks holding over 20 cases of apples (close to 1,000 gallons) to ferment the cider. Each cider is fermented for a different amount of time, depending on the variety of apples in the blend.

Snowdrift produces 4,000 cases of cider annually with distribution across the United States. A beautiful family-run business, we're proud to serve Snowdrift Cider.