Restaurant News

Snow Storm 2019

Because the Puget Sound is covered in a beautiful blanket of snow, we’ve elected to remain open but offer a limited menu tonight — Saturday, February 9 — and for the remainder of the snow storm.

Eden Hill was started as a neighborhood restaurant. Over the years we’ve adjusted what we offer to meet the demands of our community, which turned into a finer dining experience than we’d originally shot for. But today our community needs a warm restaurant they can bring anyone to and a restaurant that’s simpler to run.

Because we are short-staffed, we are unable to offer our tasting menus tonight. We’ll adjust our a la carte menu accordingly to provide hearty dishes. It’s our goal to provide the same level of service, attention to detail, and pride in our work as we always do. However, we’re doing our best given the circumstances. Please find a version of our menu below, which may still develop over the course of the afternoon.

country roll, whipped butter, poached citrus, pickled foie gras, sea salt 8
red shrimp cheddar biscuits,
whipped carabineros butter, napa cabbage kimchi 12
waldorf salad,
dehydrated grape, apple, bleu cheese, celery, walnut verjus vinaigrette 14
cured rare beef,
salad of celeriac, apple and black truffle, espelette, nasturtium 18
cauliflower “chilaquiles,”
manchego, lime crema, jalapeno honey hot sauce, curtido 14
butter roasted black cod
saffron jus, vanilla coconut, savoy cabbage 17
crispy octopus,
wild peas of Umbria, spiced tomato, spinach, chili oil, herb salad 26
snowpocalypse cheeseburger,
dijonnaise, red onion, dill pickle, toasted sesame bun 14
pig head candybar,
pear and prosecco soup, pickled red wine cabbage, serrano pepper 16
oxtail risotto,
crispy duck confit, spiced orange, grana padano, sherry caramel 29
hanger steak,
roasted carrot, carrot puree, cambozola, balsamic demi glace 24

If you’re in the neighborhood or able to get to us, please join us with empty stomachs and bottomless patience!

New Year's Eve 2018 Menu

Seven course Chef’s Tasting menu with optional wine pairings

$150 per person

Tickets available via Tock

whipped goat curd, crudite cigar, fines herb

watercress veloute orb, grilled oyster, sourdough, dill oil

sourdough english muffin, whipped butter, char roe, lemon      

grilled king crab, leek, citrus, barley miso sabayon, washington black truffle

pig skin puttanesca, smoked olives, kumato

champagne sorbet, buddhas hand

wagyu striploin, celery root, foie bordelaise, sherry caramel, fried foie gras

dark chocolate big ferrero rocher drop, nitro nuts

petits fours

Holiday Season 2018/2019

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is already here. We’re excited to present Eden Hill’s holiday calendar, featuring special events for New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. We hope you’ll join us!

Closed Thursday, November 22: Thanksgiving

Closed Tuesday, November 27: Private Event

OPEN Monday, December 24: Christmas Eve

Closed Tuesday, December 25 Christmas

OPEN Tuesday, December 31: New Year’s Eve. Seven course Chef’s Tasting Menu only, tickets available

Closed Monday, January 1: New Year’s Day

Open Thursday, February 14: Valentine’s Day. Seven course Chef’s Tasting Menu only, tickets available

Holiday Season 2017/2018

I can't believe we're already to the end of 2017! We've got several fun events planned at Eden Hill to get us through the dark, dreary days of winter, and we hope to see you at some of them.

Christmas Eve, December 24, 2017
Open for regular service! All our tasting menus and a la carte menus will be offered, seatings from 5 pm - 10 pm.

Closed Christmas Day, December 25, 2017

New Year's Eve, December 31, 2017
Exclusively serving a five course Chef's tasting menu for $105 per person, available via advanced ticket purchase. We'll offer two beverage pairings, a wine pairing for $75 per person and a Sommelier Selection for $150 per person. Seatings available from 4:30pm to 10:30pm.

Closed New Year's Day, January 1, 2018

Closed for a private event January 13, 2018

FIGGINS wine dinner, January 15, 2018
Join us and winemaker Chris Figgins of FIGGINS, Leonetti Cellars, and Toil Oregon for a six course dinner paired with Figgins' beautiful wines. Tickets available December 15, 2017.

vineyard shot (1).jpg

Chris Figgins is the President and Winemaking Director for Figgins Family Wine Estates (FFWE).  Chris succeeds his parents, Gary and Nancy Figgins, who founded Leonetti Cellar in 1977 – the oldest winery in Walla Walla. After growing up in the wine business, he officially joined Leonetti in 1996 post-graduation from Washington State University with a Horticulture degree.  Chris assumed the position of head winemaker in 2001. In addition to operations and winemaking, Chris presides over all viticulture operations for FFWE, which includes six distinct vineyard sites in the Walla Walla Valley AVA and one in the Chehalem Mountains AVA of the Willamette Valley.  To extend the FFWE experience further into wine and food Chris has launched Toil Oregon, a small- production Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, FIGGINS, a single-vineyard estate wine brand, and Lostine Cattle Company, all natural grass-fed beef.  Chris was instrumental in transforming Leonetti into an estate grown winery and is known industry-wide for consistently pushing the envelope viticulturally.  A frequent public speaker, Chris loves to share his passion for sustainable farming and biological soil health.

Closed for a private event January 19, 2018

Closed for a private event January 25, 2018

Thanks for celebrating your holiday season with us!

Summer of Fun

Seattle hasn't caught up yet (hello! It's mid-May -- where are you sun?!) but we're gearing up for a summer of fun at Eden Hill. We hope you see some of your familiar faces out at some of these events we're doing!

PlaceInvaders, June 9 - 11, 2017
Max is honored to be invited to guest chef for PlaceInvaders, an NYC-based company hosting pop-up restaurants in interesting (and secret!) spaces around the United States. In early June they're coming to Queen Anne and Max may have already started his brisket brining.... Tickets available for dinner and brunch here.

Rooster & the Till Guest Chef, June 25, 2017
Just weeks later we'll be hopping on a plane to Tampa Bay, Fla for Max's guest chef night at Rooster & the Till! We met chef and co-owner Ferrell Alvarez at the bar ... at Eden Hill ('cause we never leave) and he invited Max to collaborate on a dinner; part of his summer-long Dinner Series. Chef Alvarez, a 2017 James Beard Foundation Best Chef: South semifinalist, sounds like another chef I know: unpretentious but current, local but uncompromising, warm and inviting. Tickets are available here, and if you're coming all the way to Florida to eat Max's food we should definitely meet up once the dinner is over.

Taste of Waldorf, July 10-14, 2017
Not open to the public, sadly, but Max's journey with the Taste of Waldorf Astoria will conclude this summer when he presents his dishes and cocktails at the FINAL competition in mid-July. (As a reminder, Max was invited with other James Beard Rising Star Chef semifinalists to collaborate with Waldorf Astoria executive chefs on a dish and cocktail to develop the next great dish. Waldorf Astoria chefs developed the Waldorf Salad and Red Velvet Cake, ever heard of it?) If he wins, Max's dishes will be on menus of all Waldorf Astoria properties in the world. What?! Send good vibes his way!

International Pinot Noir Celebration, July 28-30, 2017
Love Oregon wine? How about Pinot Noir? Meet us at the International Pinot Noir Celebration in Linfield College in McMinnville, Ore. Max will be cooking a winery lunch at a secret (to guests) winery. If you've never been before, consider celebrating Oregon wine during one of the most beautiful times of the year! Tickets available here

Service Charge

Beginning March 1, 2017, Eden Hill Restaurant will add a 20% service charge to all guest checks.

Like many Seattle restaurants, we've elected to shift away from tipping to off-set minimum wage requirements and inequity.

As owners, this was a difficult decision for us to make. When we opened Eden Hill, Seattle had already voted in a minimum wage increase and we knew our labor costs would increase at some point. We contemplated a service charge then, but weren't exactly sure how to roll it out and delayed the decision until the stress of launching a business died down. It was when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled to exclude "back of the house" employees from tip pools, we knew we needed to do something. After crunching numbers for the short history of the restaurant, we've determined it's unsustainable for us not to. 

We're using this opportunity to establish greater pay equity between the front of house and back of house. (As an aside, the only employees working at Eden Hill earning minimum wage already make well above $15/hr; often at least twice as much!)

Starting March 1, 2017 Eden Hill will retain a 20% service charge on all guest checks. After covering the increased B&O taxes (approximately 1%), the remaining funds will be distributed as hourly wages, revenue shares, and benefits. The service charge is unable to be changed or removed.

If you have more questions about our service charge procedures, or comments or concerns about your experience, feel free to reach out by phone (206-708-6836) or email ( 

First Year of Eden Hill - Interview with Chef Maximillian Petty

Eden Hill opened for service on Friday, September 4, 2015. I cornered Max for a few minutes to talk about his first year of restaurant ownership, hits and misses, and the future of the Eden Hill.

How has the first year of restaurant ownership been?

Good. They say 'do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life.' Not entirely true, but I've clocked a lot of hours at Eden Hill and I wouldn't do it if it I didn't love every minute of it.

What's been the biggest challenge you've faced?

Space constraints. I knew I was getting into a small restaurant but I've struggled with not enough room to do all my projects from day one. 

And how about the biggest surprise? What didn't you anticipate?

How hard the non-cooking portion of running a restaurant is. The food is just a fraction of running the business and I've learned a lot in the last year about management, taxes, FOH, etc.

Tell me about the Seattle food scene. 

Although it's historic, it's still growing. There are a lot of great restaurants here and we're lucky to have access to some of the best seafood and produce in the world. I'm proud to be a part of it.

You've been reviewed several times. What did one of your critics say that stuck with you the most?

Most of the negative criticism I've gotten is about honing in. I don't disagree, that's why I work hard to be better everyday. I'm young and have time to grow. I'm glad to get the criticism now.

What's the weirdest request you've gotten from a guest in the last year? Did you honor it?

Someone asked me to cook the tartare. I didn't.

Any missteps you learned from? 

No matter what equipment I get or rearranging I do, I can only do so much in such a small restaurant. It's hard for me to accept. I have to be really resourceful with my menu development, plating, and equipment just because of the space we have and the amount of people we do.

How has Eden Hill changed from what you originally envisioned?

Even though it's what I wanted, it's more fine dining than I expected. People asked it of us! They told us to raise our prices and our tasting menu sold really well.

What's in store for year 2?

I want to continue challenging the neighborhood restaurant idea. Keep people guessing about what they'll see on the menu. I'd like to start thinking about a second concept, too.

2016 Summer Dinner Series!

We're so excited to offer our first Summer Dinner Series! It's an opportunity for us to create special events, partner with local food and beverage professionals, and experiment with food. Please plan to join us for one of our events!

Vegetarian Six Course Tasting - Wednesday, June 29
$100 per person
Summer is the most amazing time in the Pacific Northwest. What better way to celebrate all the incredible produce than a tasting menu exclusively featuring vegetables. 

Martedi Winery Five Course Tasting - Wednesday, July 27. One seating at 7:30 pm
$135 per person, including wine pairings
A family run operation, Martedi Winery produces italian varietals from Washington grapes. We connected with Joseph Miglino, a sommelier and head winemaker, through the Herbfarm and are excited to invite him to Eden Hill for this special dinner.

A Celebration of Textures - Ten Course Chef's Tasting - Wednesday, August 17
$185 per person
Join us as the Eden Hill kitchen uses Modernist techniques to experiment with textures! 

Eden Hill First Year Anniversary - Sunday, September 4
We've decided to shake things up for our first anniversary - literally. FOH and BOH will swap, so the servers will cook and the cooks will serve! It's an opportunity for you to meet the team whose prepared your food for the last year to share your appreciation. (P.S. Chef Max is bartending, so make your bar reservation!) Proceeds will benefit Green Plate Special, a non-profit teaching kids about gardening and cooking.

Reservations are highly encouraged for all these restaurant events and may include bar seating. Please join us!

Updates to the Reservation Policy

When we opened Eden Hill, we wanted to accept reservations for parties of 5 or more only. Because our dining room was so small and because we weren't sure of our demand, having availability for guests right when they showed up seemed like the best idea for us.

But before we even opened the doors we got push back. Friends and curious neighbors were hesitant about the idea. "I wouldn't want to come unless I knew I was going to get seated," they'd say. So we listened, and opened our doors accepting reservations.

Six months in and regretfully, we're revisiting our reservation policy again. We've just had too many cancellations and unhonored reservations not to. Our policies, some new, some old, are below:

  • All reservations will require a credit card to secure
  • Cancellations within 48 hours, no-shows, and reservations that decrease in party size without prior notice are subject to a $25/pp fee
  • Reservations are only accepted for table seating
  • Seating requests will be accommodated to the best of our ability but not guaranteed

 Don't get us wrong, we HATE to do this. We understand plans change and life gets in the way. Hell, it's not like we've never had to cancel a reservation! However, we've turned away too many potential customers to not institute some sort of policy that ensures customers will take their reservation with us seriously. No-shows and cancellations, when we've turned other guests away, takes a serious hit to the restaurant's viability. We don't have hundreds of seats or do hundreds of covers every night. Every guest counts, and every one is important to us.

This is where we are today. As with everything about restaurant operations, we're listening to feedback. We'll see how this works for a while and revisit if necessary. 

As always, we sincerely thank ALL our customers for their patronage. We've met so many incredible people through this restaurant. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.