Service Charge

Beginning March 1, 2017, Eden Hill Restaurant will add a 20% service charge to all guest checks.

Like many Seattle restaurants, we've elected to shift away from tipping to off-set minimum wage requirements and inequity.

As owners, this was a difficult decision for us to make. When we opened Eden Hill, Seattle had already voted in a minimum wage increase and we knew our labor costs would increase at some point. We contemplated a service charge then, but weren't exactly sure how to roll it out and delayed the decision until the stress of launching a business died down. It was when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled to exclude "back of the house" employees from tip pools, we knew we needed to do something. After crunching numbers for the short history of the restaurant, we've determined it's unsustainable for us not to. 

We're using this opportunity to establish greater pay equity between the front of house and back of house. (As an aside, the only employees working at Eden Hill earning minimum wage already make well above $15/hr; often at least twice as much!)

Starting March 1, 2017 Eden Hill will retain a 20% service charge on all guest checks. After covering the increased B&O taxes (approximately 1%), the remaining funds will be distributed as hourly wages, revenue shares, and benefits. The service charge is unable to be changed or removed.

If you have more questions about our service charge procedures, or comments or concerns about your experience, feel free to reach out by phone (206-708-6836) or email (