Charlie's Produce

The Eden Hill team spent an hour at Charlie's Produce on an afternoon off to learn more about where our vegetables come from.

Charlie's Produce supplies restaurants and grocery stores with produce all along the West Coast. We've used Charlie's Produce since we opened, because we appreciated their timeliness and commitment to supporting local farmers.

For us, choosing to work with Charlie's was easy. Our sales rep Kevin sends an updated product list daily and we can order with whatever frequency we want, which works great for a restaurant that changes it's menu often. 

Charlie's Produce services over 4,000 restaurants in the Seattle metro area from it's three warehouses in SODO. They have the largest fleet of trucks on the West Coast - you've probably seen them on the road with the cheery Charlie's logo. 

The warehouse is operating 24/7. Kevin took us on a tour of the warehouse, where we got to see all kinds of produce from small, local farms across Washington, Oregon, and California. When local produce isn't available, Kevin is sure to provide us with choices on what we could replace with or source locally.

Working with Charlie's Produce has been an easy choice for us. We support small, local farms and having a company like Charlie's that takes care of the distribution makes it easy for us to connect.