Opening Night!

The restaurant business is like nothing else. Most businesses don't get press or publicity for just trying to open. Rarely do customers stop by, peek in the windows, or email feedback before you've even opened your doors. It's pure excitement. With the anticipation; however, comes vulnerability. Max and I live and breathe restaurant these days and our conversations inevitably come back to: Will they like us? Will they accept us? 

We had two nights of soft opening for close friends and family. Severely under-prepared, it was trial by fire for everyone - Max, myself, and our staff. We worked through some issues over the first few days and opened to the public Friday, September 4 to 45 guests. 


There are not enough thanks to go around. We're so thankful to our family and friends who've supported us in various capacities, from doing our laundry and walking our dogs to talking us off the ledge. We're incredibly grateful to our team who've really stepped up to the challenge. We've thrown a lot at them all at once and every single one of them has risen to the occasion. We're so grateful to the warm welcome we've received from our neighbors, like Bounty Kitchen, Five Hooks Fish Grill, McCarthy & Schiering, Almquist Family Vitners, and How to Cook A Wolf. We can't thank our media friends at Eater Seattle and Queen Anne View enough for getting the word out. And lastly, we're thankful to all the customers who've walked by, wished us well, and/or ate our food. The warm welcome Queen Anne has given us is remarkable and we're so happy to be here.