We worked hard to make Eden Hill's dining room stylish and comfortable. At times, that meant showing some restraint.

But we turned it loose in the bathroom. Above the toilet hangs this picture, a painting done by my paternal grandmother years ago, well before I was born. Three UFOs surrounding the Space Needle. It's a complete departure from her usual subjects, rustic barns and landscapes.

As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted it. As soon as Max saw it, he knew he wanted to hang it in his restaurant someday. This painting has traveled with us across the United States, from the Pacific Northwest, to Texas, to Virginia, and it's finally back home.

It's an awesome, weird tribute to my grandmother and Seattle. It gives us a chuckle every time we go in the bathroom, "it's so weird!" but we love the character and story behind it. Thank you, Grandma, for sharing your art with us!