Where did the name Eden Hill come from?

Queen Anne Hill wasn't always called Queen Anne Hill - some of it's previous names include Galer's Hill and Eden Hill! It's a tribute to our neighborhood. 

Are you Australian?

Nope, but Chef does a pretty great Australian accent. Ask him about it.

Who is the Chef?

Maximillian Petty. You can read about him here.

You guys also have Maximilien restaurant, right?

Nope, Chef just shares the name. But it's spelled differently. Eden Hill is our one and only restaurant.

Tell me about the wallpaper.

It's pretty great, huh? What do you want to know?

How often does the menu change?

Minor tweaks every day. Through the course of a two or three week period, you'll probably see 40% of the a la carte dishes change. The tasting menu changes with more frequency.

Are you tasting menu only?

Nope. From the homepage, scroll down to the "Menu" section to read our a la carte menu. 

What kind of vegetarian/gluten-free/dairy-free/etc options do you have?

Depends. The menu changes with such frequency, it's hard to say what's going to be on the menu that night to meet dietary restrictions. In these instances, we highly recommend the tasting menu to allow the kitchen flexibility to put together composed plates to meet your needs.

I saw a picture of salmon/gnocchi/spaghetti/etc online. Can I have that?

Perhaps! Sometimes we have just enough extra to make you a dish. Doesn't hurt to ask but if it's not on the menu, we probably don't have it anymore.

OpenTable says you don't have any reservations available for Friday night. Is that right?

Most likely. Our dining room has 18 seats at dining tables. Yes, just 18! It doesn't take long for reservations to fill up. We take a limited number of reservations at our 8 seat bar, which is full-service. 

Ok, can you put me on a waitlist for the bar?

We don't maintain a waitlist for reservations or the bar. Feel free to call when you're on your way down and we'll give you an estimate.

I'd like to sit in one of the tables in the window.

Great, thanks for the heads up! We'll do our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee specific table seating. 

Can I make a reservation for a party of 10? 12?

Maybe! We accept reservations up to 8 online because the layout of our dining room accommodates that best. But we've made exceptions. Call us at 206-708-6836 or email at info@edenhillrestaurant.com.

Do you host private events?

Yes! Call us at 206-708-6836 or email at info@edenhillrestaurant.com.

Do you have a private room?

Nope. A 24-seat restaurant doesn't have extra rooms.

Can I buy a gift card?

Yes! Call us at 206-708-6836 or email at info@edenhillrestaurant.com.

I'm coming in for my/friend's/husband's birthday/anniversary/graduation/etc. Can you do something special?

Congrats on your celebration! What is it you have in mind? If you tell us when you get here you're celebrating a birthday, we can put a candle in the dessert you order. Beyond that, we don't have a standard practice for celebrations but are open to helping you make your dinner special. Just let us know what you're thinking at the time of your reservation.

What's on the Chef's Blind Tasting?

What's the fun in a blind tasting menu if you know what's on it? 99% of the time it's all off-menu, but we'll always ask about dietary restrictions and preferences before you begin the meal. If that scares you, we suggest sticking with the a la carte menu. 

Do I have to wear a blindfold to do the Chef's Blind Tasting?

Nope, but we can arrange it if you'd like to.

Is this guy the chef?

Chauncey the server. Not the chef.

Chauncey the server. Not the chef.

Nope, that's your server Chauncey! 

How long have you been open?

We opened September 4, 2015. So ... someone do the math.

Do you charge a corkage fee?

Yes, $25 per bottle with a two bottle maximum.

What's the parking situation like?

We don't have a designated parking lot but there's plenty of free parking along Queen Anne Ave and Boston streets. 

I'm on Queen Anne Ave and Boston St but I don't see you. Where are you?

We're at 2209 Queen Anne Ave N, sandwiched between Mimisan Spa, Cafe Ladro, and Swedish Hospital. If you see How to Cook A Wolf, we're directly across the street. If all else fails, walk the west side of Queen Anne Ave between Boston and McGraw streets and you'll see us!

Do you have a dress code?

Nope. We like to think we're pretty approachable and that starts with feeling comfortable. Use your best judgment, please.

Can you change the music?


Are you hiring?

Yay, you want to work with us! We used Poached to fill open positions, so check there for our current needs.